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Perth Glam & Sky 360 Photo Booth Hire

Capture Timeless Memories and Wow Your Guests with Perth's Ultimate Slo-Motion 360 Video Experience

Ready to turn your event into an unforgettable sensation? Look no further...

Introducing the Glam and Sky 360 photo booths, your ultimate entertainment solutions!

Whether it's for a:

  • Corporate event

  • Gala ball

  • Wedding

  • Engagement

  • Birthday

  • Festival

  • Brand promotion or launch


...the 360 video photo booths will add that extra spark of laughter and joy to your special day.


With captivating slow-motion videos and an immersive experience, your guests will be raving about it for days to come.

Available for hire in Perth, Western Australia and servicing all suburbs and beyond.

How Do  360 Photo Booths Work?

  • Your guests step onto the platform and pose or dance in the middle of the 360 booth...

  • The camera then spins 360 degrees around the photo booth (camera located in the middle of the revolving ring light) taking slow motion 360 videos of the excited guests...

  • Guests go to the sharing station to instantly download their fun-packed videos via email, SMS or QR code!

HOW A 360 Photo Booth Will Elevate  Your  Event

With our innovative 360 video and photo booth technology, the possibilities are limitless.


Whether you're spinning into action with friends, striking a pose in slow-motion perfection, or simply letting your imagination run wild, our immersive experience ensures that every frame is a celebration of your unique creativity.

But the fun doesn't stop there.


Our interactive features add an extra layer of excitement, turning every session into a collaborative adventure.


Be it that you're experimenting with props, adding personalised touches to your videos, or engaging in spontaneous challenges, our 360 experience brings people together in laughter, camaraderie and shared joy.

8 Compelling Reasons to Hire Our 360 Photo Booth

Not only do we have a wealth of experience in Perth's most popular venues customising setups to fit an event's theme and location, but here are 8 unbeatable benefits in hiring RM Party Wonderland:

 Best Inclusions 

Your 360 photo booth event will have the best inclusions on the market - we bring all the bells and whistles to every event.


 Free Set-Up 

Free set-up and pack-up within 30 kms of Perth's CBD is part of the package - and we are flexible with how and when we do it.


 Smooth Videos 

Having the most advanced 360 video software, you will have the highest quality, smoothest slow-motion videos in Perth.



Our 360 Photo Booths are WIRELESS, meaning no wires and tripping hazards in sight. And giving you a flexible setup.


 Great Value 

High value service with the best quality videos and attractive setups. We also offer idle hours designed to save you money.

360 photo booth perth.jpg

 Full-Body Videos 

Enjoy full-body POTRAIT 1080 x 1920 videos, making it perfect to see them on your phone and for sharing on social media.

 Big 360 Booths 

The Glam 360 Booth can fit 4 to 5 guests on the booth at once, and the Sky 360 Booth can fit an amazing 10 to 12 guests!



We go the extra mile to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, backed by our service guarantee.

The Difference is in the Quality!

....and we let our setups and videos speak for themselves.

Our attractive setups utilise the highest quality equipment designed to boost engagement, thrills and fun at events.

And the actual 360 videos?

You and your guests will receive the highest quality, SMOOTHEST videos available to 360 video booth clients not just here in Australia, but the entire world.

But don't take our word for it; feel free to browse all videos on our website and social media pages to see exactly what you get when you hire RM Party Wonderland.

The  Glam 360  or  Sky 360?

Prepare to be amazed by our two electrifying versions of the 360 photo booth. Each one promises its own unique thrills and spills. Let's dive into the details to see which one is best for your event:

Glam 360  

  • Platform booth

  • Camera spinning from ground

  • Up to 4 to 5 guests at a time

  • 3m x 3m space to operate

  • Perfect for posing & fun

  • Wireless setup

Sky 360  

  • Arched overhead booth

  • Camera spinning from above

  • Up to 10 to 12 guests at a time

  • 3.5m x 3.5m space to operate (2.7m high)

  • Perfect for dancing and large events

  • Wireless setup

360 photo booth
360 photo booth

Unbeatable Inclusions  with Every  Event

  • Get ready for non-stop fun with unlimited 360 videos

  • Elevate your experience with high-quality, event-tailored props

  • Take instant action with our thrilling bubble guns

  • Customised 360 video borders

  • Set the mood with mesmerising LED and RGB lights, tailor-made to fit your theme, branding and ambiance

  • Share the excitement with our convenient video sharing station

  • Take home a USB filled with all your memorable 360 videos

  • Ensure smooth crowd flow with our sturdy stanchions and ropes

  • Enclosures (Sky 360 only)

  • RED or BLUE round carpet for special presentation, adding a touch of glamour to your event

Backed by  Our  Service Guarantee

We understand that organising an event can be a stressful and challenging time, hoping that everything will go to plan.

Therefore we go the extra distance to ensure, from our end, that everything is in perfect working order prior to your special event.


What's more, we also carry spares of critical parts to your event just in case if they are in need.

Rest assured, we stand behind our commitment to exceptional service. In the event of technical difficulties preventing us from delivering as promised, we offer a no-questions asked 100% refund, backed by our service guarantee. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

360 photo booth guarantee
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Elisha S

Fabulous service - even when we were rushed to organise it last minute. Professional, super easy to work with, and the 360 booth was fun and a big hit at our event!!
google icon

Andrew  D

"What can we say except wow, wow, wow!!! This was the most fun, exciting and adventurous experience to have at our wedding."
google icon

Jacqui T

Fabulous product! We had so much fun with this. Quality of the videos is great. Attendants were amazing too. Definitely recommend this for your next party!xxx


  • ​How do I secure my booking?
    Please click here to book online. A non-refundable booking fee of 1 hour is required to secure your booking with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event taking place. If your event is less than 30 days away, the full payment is required. However, if you book online and your event is less than 30 days away, you will only be asked for a booking fee/deposit, and in that case we'll send you the remaining invoice within 24 hours to complete payment.
  • What types of events are suitable for a 360 video booth?
    A 360 video photo booth is perfect for a wide range of events including weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, brand activations, and more! Any occasion where you want to add an element of excitement and capture unforgettable moments is ideal for a 360 video booth.
  • Can the 360 video booth be customised to match my event theme or branding?
    Absolutely! We offer various customisation options including branded overlays (borders), custom props, customisable RGB lights around and on the booth, gold/silver stanchions with either red or black ropes, and either red or blue round carpet to ensure that the 360 video booth seamlessly integrates with your event theme or branding. If you have any special requests for props or for a customised design of the 360 photo booth setup, we will do it for free provided the cost of doing so is reasonable.
  • What is the pricing structure for hiring a 360 video booth?
    Please click here to view pricing. Pricing starts at 2 hours minimum operation time, and pricing can also vary depending on factors such as the duration and structure of your event, additional features or customisations, and any specific requirements you may have. It also depends if you request additional services (a combo of photo booths) at the same event. Finally, set up and pack down is free and is not included as part of the quoted operation time. Please contact us on 0403 162 047 for a personalised quote tailored to your event needs.
  • What inclusions come part of the 360 photo booth service?
    Unlimited 360 videos with HD camera High quality props tailored to your event Instant action Bubble guns Customised 360 video borders LED lights RGB lights (customised to fit your theme) 360 video booth strip light (as above) Video sharing station for guests USB of all 360 videos Stanchions and ropes for crowd control Enclosures (Sky only) RED or BLUE round carpet for special presentation
  • What are the 360 photo booth setup requirements?
    Client will arrange for a clean, flat, dry and hard-surfaced area to ensure full functionality of 360 photo booths. Also, our experienced team require 1.5 hours minimum prior to the event start time to set up, and 1 hour minimum to pack up. But it will also depend on the venue, and we'll be in touch if we need to any extra time for setting up.
  • What makes your 360 video booth different from traditional photo booths?
    Unlike traditional photo booths that capture still images, our 360 video booth captures dynamic, rotating videos that provide a unique and immersive experience for guests. It adds a new level of excitement and creativity to any event.
  • How many people can stand on the 360 platform?
    360 Glam Video Photo Booth can hold up to 4 to 5 people. 360 Sky Video Photo Booth can cater for up to 10 to 12 people!
  • How quicky will the guests and I receive the videos?
    We have a tablet sharing station at the booth exit so guests can instantly send their videos via text, email or QR code, and because the videos are in smartphone 1080 x 1920 size, they can be easily shared to all social media sites. ​ You will also receive a USB containing every video shortly after the conclusion of the event and if requested, an online event gallery where you can view and download the videos from a link, valid for 28 days.
  • Do you provide a 360 booth attendant?
    Yes, friendly and professional attendants will be present throughout your event to assist guests, to operate and ensure smooth operation of the booth, and help maximise the fun!
  • ​Are there any rules for the 360 booth?
    Dancing on the Glam 360 video booth is permitted, but care needs to be exercised as the 360 booth is an elevated platform, but in the Sky 360 video booth you can do whatever you like, for example, dancing, jumping and cheeky stunts. Also props will need be to be returned to the prop table prior to exiting the 360 photo booth.

360 Video Booth FAQs


HOW  to Book Your  360 Photo Booth

All you need to do is scroll below, click on "book now" under your desired 360 Photo Booth service, and follow the prompts.

If you need assistance, please call Richard & Monique on 0403 162 047 or find us on email at

We're also available at any time to discuss:

  • A customised schedule for your event

  • Special requests for props or the design of the setup at your event

  • A combo of services

Also, in addition to our 360 Photo Booth service, have a look at the other hiring options below.

  • Create super smooth slow-motion videos in immersive 360 degrees magic.

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    From 800 Australian dollars
  • Experience our Sky 360: Bigger, grander, 360 videos with more guests.

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  • Mirror memories: capture every precious moment in style.

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  • We walk around capturing spontaneous moments anywhere at your venue.

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  • Say goodbye to empty guestbooks and say hello to our video guestbook!

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  • Watch the mirror come to life and memories are made with every snap.

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  • Unique digital photobooth suitable for any event!

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  • Unique styling with beautiful curves and amazing interactive features.

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  • Allows your guests to leave their voice messages on your special day.

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Organising   One Of These Events?

  • Weddings and engagements

  • Corporate events

  • Awards nights

  • Gala balls

  • Christmas and new years eve parties

  • Product and brand launches

  • Experiential marketing campaigns

  • Trade shows and conferences

  • Birthday parties and celebrations

  • Festivals, concerts and sports events

  • Tourism and destination marketing

  • School, graduation and university events

  • Fundraisers and charity events

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